It is a vital and important part of being a Christian that we seek to serve others and by doing so serve God. We joyfully share in our responsibility to the local community, the wider global community and to God's creation.

Working with other churches

A lot of the issues that face the people of Herne Bay are issues that affect us irrespective of our faith and background. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart works together with other local churches to make the area a better place to be and to make Jesus present to the wider community. The church leaders meet monthly to pray together and seek new ways of working for the Kingdom of God.

One key way that we work together is the Street Pastors initiative which aims to care for, listen to and help young people who are out at night. 

New in 2017 is the work we undertake, alongside Herne Bay Baptist Church and the Beacon Church, as a mini-centre for Christians Against Poverty. We are passionate about releasing people from a life sentence of poverty, debt, unemployment and addiction. Working with the church we bring good news, hope and freedom to people in the UK. For more information see:

Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP)

The SVP help some of the poorest families in the local area with the basics and technical and practical help where required. A food bank is operated out of the parish and donations from across the community are regularly distributed to those in need. The Herne Bay SVP Conference is part of a wider, international network. If you want to volunteer please contact the parish team.

Justice and Peace Group (JPIC)

The parish Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Group (to give its fullest title) seeks to raise awareness of issues relating to the environment, trade justice and broader ethical concerns such as the treatment of migrants and prisoners. The Herne Bay JPIC group regularly feeds in to the Southwark diocesan commission's work. We are also committed supporters of the work of the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) raising thousands of pounds each year through the biannual fast days.

Traidcraft and Fairtrade

On the last Sunday of every month the parish holds a sale of a wide selection of fairly traded products ranging from chocolate and coffee to cards and jewellery. The support of fair-trade products extends to our use of certified tea, coffee and sugar at all parish events and has gained the parish fair-trade certification.

Sr Astrid

A group of Passionist sisters in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been diligently and enthusiastically building a new school for the children of Masi-Manimba. It is a source of great pride and joy that the parish help to fund this project which has seen such success.